Upper Kirby Construction: Westheimer Restoration Underway East of Kirby — West of Kirby to Begin Soon (story continued)

Westheimer Paving, Drainage and  Streetscape Improvements Project:
Asphalt paving was completed last week as anticipated on Westheimer between Kirby and Shepherd. This week, minor work on the north side of the roadway was completed and impacted areas just west of Shepherd will be back-filled and paved later today.

Look for minor asphalt work on rough roadway and pothole areas next week as the contractor restores the roadway for substantial completion inspection. Traffic impact during this work will be minimal. Once substantial completion is granted, Center Point Energy and associated telecommunications providers will be notified that the underground facilities are complete and they can begin pulling cable to serve the street for the first time from underground.
The Upper Kirby District would like to sincerely thank the businesses along this stretch of Kirby for their patience and understanding as we improve this major corridor.
Westheimer West of Kirby

The effort to continue moving west with utility infrastructure will begin next month. The project was bid on January 16th and the low bidder was Texas Sterling Construction, the same contractor currently working between Kirby and Shepherd.

Weather has stalled the start of this project somewhat as construction cannot begin until all lanes are clear east of Kirby but it is anticipated that construction will begin in about two weeks.

The contract duration on this project is 120 days putting completion somewhere around June/July 2014. Weather permitting, roadway construction between Kirby and Shepherd should be able to begin immediately following utility completion west of Kirby.
CenterPoint and the telecommunications companies will follow behind duct bank construction reconnecting services underground. The duration of this reconnection work will be up to the utility providers though 45 to 90 days is typical. Traffic impact during this work is negligible. 
Once the utilities have been removed and the lines brought underground west of Kirby, Upper Kirby will move forward with drainage and underground infrastructure improvements followed by complete repaving of the roadway. The project will also entail the installation of a pedestrian-oriented streetscape similar to the treatment provided on the recent Kirby Drive and Buffalo Speedway projects. This work will first be completed between Shepherd and Kirby followed by an identical scope of work between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway. 
Roadway reconstruction is anticipated to last approximately 10 months. Drainage improvement and roadway reconstruction between Kirby and Buffalo will immediately follow and will have a similar approximate duration.
For more information on Upper Kirby construction and related activities or for construction related issues or concerns, please contact Travis Younkin at 713.524.8000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..